Zenith (Music Video by Ravenlight (2020)

Irish Symphonic Metal band Ravenlight’s cover of ‘Zenith’ from the Ghost album “Meliora”.

Singer Rebecca Feeney had the following to say about the track; “Zenith may seem a not so obvious song for a cover, however we went with Zenith for many reasons. I really enjoyed singing along to it, it really suited my range. Furthermore we felt that Zenith is a very underrated Ghost song- due to the fact that it is a bonus track on the Vinyl version of Meloria, so it is not as well known as other tracks giving us a chance to really put our own spin on it.”

Original track by Ghost BC

Ravenlight are:
Rebecca Feeney – Vocals
John Connor – Guitars/Keyboards
Michał Bugajski – Drums/Bass

Track recorded, mixed and mastered by John Connor and Michał Bugajski
Video by John Connor & Rebecca Feeney

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