What Will Be by Elevation Falls (2016)

This original song was recorded as an acoustic for pre-production purposes by Elevation Falls. It was decided to release it in its raw form, and we had it Mixed and Mastered by Westland’s Studio, Dublin, Ireland.

‘What Will Be’ is a song about how we reflect on our past choices in life, for instance, should we have said something in the past that would have changed our path? Should we have ‘held our breath’ and not said what was on our mind?. In the end, each of us feel that the past is just that, and it is what brought us together at this moment in time, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We put together a little video against our original song, of how members of the band have grown up, making mistakes, changing direction, wondering which way to go, but always with music in their heart

Live your dreams!

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