Pure Chaos (Official) by Dead Label (2017)


Contorted by this hatred
When all that is left is disgust
The degradation of civilisation
I can’t bear to see
Rooted in this evil
We slaughter in his name
And peace is no more than a concept
Then blood will give him his praise
Pure Chaos
Feasting on her insides
Like vultures rip at bone
Our greed is everlasting
Our finite aspect is shame
Pollution all around us
It’s in the air we breathe
I can feel that I’m choking
We are the ones to blame
Pure Chaos
A species that’s made up of mistakes, we all will fall
Disgusting, self-loathing and corrupt
So what’s the point?
The weight of the world on my shoulders, I shake it off
Our mindless destruction will end us, wake up
Pure Chaos.


Recorded by Michael Richards in Trackmix Studios
Mixed and Produced by Chris Rakestraw
Mastered by Matt Hyde

Video By Crooked Gentlemen, Shaun Ryan and Jeff Doyle
Location – Sally Gap, Co. Wicklow, Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland.

Design: Karl Uzice / Animated Ink. & (Digital) Michal Uhruski

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