Awakening/The Lie of the Land (lyric video) by Celtic Legacy (2020)

The opening 10 minutes of Celtic Legacy’s 2015 album, The Lie of the Land, featuring the intro Awakening and the title track itself with lyrics.

Unlike previous albums, we decided to move away from the myths and battle stories of yore and construct the songs around more contemporary themes. Religion, mental health, isolation, the inevitability of change and of course, politics are all explored on the album. And we even wrote a tribute to Gary Moore which became one of the most popular tracks.

The title track, The Lie of the Land is a comment on the clowns that are elected into positions of power and who subsequently make life changing decisions that affect everything we do. The ones in Ireland are an exceptional bunch of incompetent, money grabbing liars who feather their own nests while telling us to tighten our belts. Like all politicians, lies and deceit are the norm, but the Irish ones are a breed apart.

But hey if you feel differently then that’s cool too. We’re only making a comment. Just enjoy the video and the music.

©2014 Celtic Legacy

Music: Dave Morrissey

Music: Dave Morrissey
Lyrics: Ciaran Ennis