In Requiem by Bäkken (2020)

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For fans of Iron Maiden, Dio, Judas Priest, Metallica and Helloween!

IN REQUIEM is a sc-fi fable brought to life in a comic-book style by local animator Marty Mc Nally.…
Produced by Neil Haynes at parlour studios


Expanding consciousness
Infinite trajectories
Transecting dimensional planes
Reaching out, everlasting
Through the boundless vastness of space

Behold we have a signal
From across the multiverse
We’ve detected a message
Send from a new world
Set out on our mission
Journey through space-time
Begin investigation for intelligent life

What’s this? A barren land
A world of dust and sand
The messengers all dead
United we stand in requiem

Searching through remnants
A society scorched
Evidence of a culture civilised
We find a holy shrine
In a sea of shattered bones
Where a once great leader lies

We’ll gather the fragments
And we’ll rebuild the strands
His resurrected children
Will reach out their hands
And together build a garden for the worthy and wise
We’ll find out what catastrophe
Brought forth their demise

What’s this? A barren land
How could we understand
The messengers all dead
United we stand in requiem

What caused this tragedy
Who brought this fateful end
Left alone with our sorrow
Feel the pain and despair
So together we stand in requiem

Resurrected we have returned brought forth to life again
The leaders of this ruined world and we will rule again
Your empathy was your mistake
For our power is disdain
We’ll smash you, exterminate
And learn to rule again

Unite now my brethren
Stand up and rise
Annihilate once again
We rise! (all the same mistakes we live to make again)