The return of Cork’s EL BASTARDO… Posted: 10/02/2015 by John O'Brien

el_bastardo_2008Just as we get the shitty news that FIVE WILL DIE are to call it quits, Cork gets the surprise announcement that one of it’s best loved prospects from the past are about to make a return to the local scene again!

After not so much a peep from the band since late 2010, the one and only EL BASTARDO, fronted by Cork stalwart Noel Lynch (KAWTICS and way too many others to list…), have just announced their return to the local gigging scene with a gig in Fred Zeppelin’s Friday 13th Februrary 2015. With support on the night coming from Alt/Grung rockers THIS PLACE IS DEATH and Synth-Rock duo DEADLIGHTS.

After earlier recordings which included a demo and split 7″ with the mighty SLOMATICS back in 2005, EL BASTARDO began recording their first album “Versus You” which after many delays and hiccups eventually found it’s way online in 2010. As to what guise the band will take shape in for this reunion/reformation, is anyone’s guess at the moment. But the band went from originally forming as a three-piece to becoming a nine (might have been ten, at one point…) headed hydra before they slipped away nearly five years ago.

Whatever the current line-up may be!
It’s fucking great to hear that EL BASTARDO will be making noise again!