Review: MINDRIOT – ‘Mindriot’ EP Posted: 19/11/2014 by John O'Brien

Mindriot_Mindriot_2014MINDRIOT have been plugging away on and off since 1992. But the North Cork veterans have recently stepped up their game again, although this time leaving their harder metal/hardcore past behind them and opting for a cleaner alternative/heavy rock sound which they execute to a tee. The 6 track EP was recorded in Midleton, Cork and was produced by former CYCLEFLY vocalist Ciaran O’Shea. And was officially unveiled at the 2014 Indiependence Festival in their hometown of Mitchelstown, where they played the Beer Hall Stage.

The EP opens with ‘Low’ and within the first thirty seconds you know that this is a band with oodles of experience under their belts who know how to play, and more importantly… pen a rock solid tune. While at it’s heart the track is pretty basic, the band manage to put everything they’ve got into it and crafted something pretty special. The guitar tone for the heavier parts during the chorus is pure magic. And the vocals, melody and lyrics are delivered with an honest and soulful conviction.

This standard is maintained throughout the EP, for the most part. ‘Brother’ and ‘Boys Of The Tomahawk’ follow the same level of quality as the opener. The former being a short and positive, upbeat track. And the latter serving as an homage to the members pasts and their pride in their hometown, and also being one of the catchiest and addictive sing along tracks on the EP. Next up is ‘Fire’ which actually preceded the EP as a self-released single that also included the next track ‘Vain’. And finally the EP’s closing track ‘Summer Breeze’, another upbeat track. While these last three tracks are very good in their own right, they have an almost funky vibe to them in parts and feel slightly different to the opening trio.

As stated before! The band certainly know how to write a good tune and have trimmed back any surplus baggage with regard to their songwriting. They keep to a safe format of ‘verse/chorus(x2)-solo-chorus’ and also keep their chorus’ simple, yet very effective and catchy. Indeed! It’s here where MINDRIOT absolutely excel, with the heavy and melodic chorus sections, topped off by Tony Gorry’s excellent vocal performances, really standing out the most.

Now! My regular musical tastes are more towards the heavier end of the rock and metal spectrum, so I’ll be honest and admit that I really wasn’t expecting to like this CD as much as I do. But there’s such an addictive quality to it. So addictive that my whole family loves it and my kids regularly ask if we can put on the ‘Tomohawk’ CD whenever we’re in the car. And you know you’re onto a winner when 5 and 7 year old kids are asking to listen to your rock CD over the usual radio shite seeping out over the airwaves.



MINDRIOT‘s self-titled EP is available to download on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Shazam, etc. And will also be available to purchase from HMV / Xtra-vision for €5.99.
You can also catch the band regularly in Cork’s “Black Dog Saloon & Mezcalaria” where they are one of the regular house bands and can buy the EP and directly from the band.
MINDRIOT will also be playing at “The Yard Bar” at Walsh’s Bar in Mitchelstown on the 12th December.

Mindriot_bandMINDRIOT is…
Liam O’ Rourke – Bass
Tony Gorry – Vocals / Guitar
Steven Bartak – Drums
Michael Hoye – Guitar



Review by John O’Brien