A Promise of Love by The Phoenician (Alt Rock, 2023)



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1. Sicker Than You (02:53)
2. Cogitator (02:44)
3. Blatherskite (04:35)
4. A Promise of Love (04:58)
5. Big Swinging Business (03:34) 

Release Date:  13th July, 2023  
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STREAM:  Spotify  

Like accidentally loosing a bladder full of piss and a bum full of cum at the same time, this EP is an absolute fucking mess. But a mess in a wild fun boy party kind of way. Five, decent-ish enough gangbanging tunes to test your gag reflex out on. Get ’em down your fucking throat, ‘cos you’re hungry for a bit of hot, sweaty, rainbow clad Phoenician.

Vox – Kris B (fucking loser)
Guitar – John Boy (fucking prick)
Bass – Brry Mrry (fucking vegan)
Drums – Dr. Edmund Bottom (fucking cunt)