Chimeric by Spectral Temper (Black Metal, 2023)



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1. Torment and Seclusion of Intrusive Visions
2. Abandoned Acropolis
3. Chimeric Trance
4. Empyrean Ice
5. Velvet Astral Skin
6. Blood Glazed Corridors
7. Burning the Self (Spontaneous Oration)

Release Date:  06th October, 2023
BUY/DOWNLOAD:   Bandcamp  –  Fiadh Productions (soon)  

Everything by K.

“A fragmented album that consists of recordings from 2021-2023. The lyrics capture fractions of my mental state and reflect on terrible personal events, written in phases when I wasn’t quite there. “Empyrean Ice” acts as the gateway to the oldest recordings, dividing the album into two distinct mindsets and framings despite all of the compositions originating from the same time. It is important to me to make this distinction as I reflect and reflect.

So many awful and wonderful things have occured while this album slowly came together. Serious, deadly afflictions and tragic events impacted many of my loved ones and me these last few years. I am processing. I no longer care to hold this particular pain even though I can’t yet say if it will ever leave me. It is what it is. I do not have the energy to project a false sense of anything anymore. I am so tired. I don’t think I’ve ever let myself feel the exhaustion until now.

This album releases as is. There is no time for refinement.”