Inception Of Inhumanity by Shrouded (Death Metal, 2015)



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1. Forged in Blood
2. The Reckoning of Dis
3. Illusion of Free Will
4. Wintergrave
5. I, the Lycanthrope

Keyboards and bass guitar on ‘Inception of Inhumanity’ performed by Dani Kansanaho.
All music and lyrics written by Dani Kansanaho for ‘Forged In Blood’, ‘Illusion of Free Will’ and ‘Wintergrave’.
Music for ‘I, the Lycanthrope’ and ‘The Reckoning of Dis’ written by Dani Kansanaho & Shane Hughes.
Booklet artwork drawn by Dani Kansanaho and edited by Shane Hughes and Adam Gett.

Dani Kansanaho – Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Shane Hughes – Guitar / Vocals
Scott Neill – Drums