Lucidum by Restive Nation (Alt Rock, 2020)



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1. Tapetum 
2. Coma 
3. The Prouder Ones 
4. Hectic Head (If Ya Die on Me…) 
5. Descent 

Release Date:  12th June, 2020 
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All tracks produced by Restive Nation and Michael Richards 
All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Richards in Trackmix Recording studio at various stages between September 2017 and December 2019 

Written and Performed by:
Chris Cahill – Production & Sound Design, Guitar, Vocals
Ciarán Timmy Lynch – Bass
Kevin Liffey – Drums

Graphic design by Oran O’Beirne of
Cover Photo by Andrew Meyerson of

TRACK 1. Tapetum 
Vocals: John Atmahead 
Backing Vocals: Tony Carberry TRACK 2. Coma 
Vocals: Tony Carberry 

TRACK 3. The Prouder Ones 
Vocals: Neal Pawney Bond

TRACK 4. Hectic Head (If ya die on me…) 
Vocals: John Atmahead 

TRACK 5.Descent 
Vocals: Chris Cahill