The Rose Coil by Patrons of The Rotting Gate (Black Metal, 2013)



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01. Tři Tváře
02. Tři Závěti
03. Carnassial
04. Secrets in the Soil
05. Pride in Descent
06. Chest of Light
07. Clandestine Fractures
08. A Perfect Suicide
09. His Crimson Painting
10. …Of All Eyes

CD Version Bonus Tracks:

11. The Battle of Chamdo (Gorguts cover)
12. Caress of Vines (Orgone cover)

Release Date: 13th September, 2013 
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Written and recorded in “The Suburb Of Solitude” July-August 2013.
Andrew Millar – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, “Drums”, Synths, Lyrics, Artwork.
Adam Irwin – Additional GuitarsRecorded, Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Millar.Physical copies available via The Path Less Traveled Records: