Profit by Mabus 666 (Black Metal, 2002)

Album Plays: 5

1. Crucifiction? March
2. To The Depths Of Tragedy
3. Thy Will Undone
4. Seed Of Power
5. Death Knells
6. Shadows Cast

Thanks to Ian O’Donovan for letting me upload this demo to the Archive.

Bass – Ian O’Donnabhain (Dog On Stilts)
Drums – Conor O’Keefe (Acolytes Of Demogorgon, Dominus)
Guitars/Vocals – Colin Roberts (Acolytes Of Demogorgon, Ex Inferus)

Recorded at Freedom Studios, Midleton, Cork.
Engineered by Tony Hunter. Assisted by Freddie Hunter.
Produced by MABUS 666.

Backing vocals on ‘Death Knells’ by Paul Keohane.