Helcaraxë by Kortirion (Atmospheric Black Metal, 2020)



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01. Helcaraxë 0 (The Doom of Mandos) (04:28)
2. Helcaraxë I (Teeth of Ice) (06:48)
3. Helcaraxë II (Fingolfin Betrayed) (03:30)
4. Helcaraxë III (Crossing the Grinding Ice) (03:32)
5. Helcaraxë IV (Yavanna Sang and Nienna Wept) (03:24)

Released Date:  28th March, 2020  
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A concept EP about the crossing of the elves over the Helcaraxë into Middle-earth from the Silmarillion.
Cover art – “The Grinding of Ice Deep-Sunken” by Rennavedh

All music by Tim ‘Stolas’ Richards.