Paramount Symmetry by Heuristica (Death Metal, 2021)



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1. Nostos
2. First Fragment
3. Thy Dire Evenness
4. Paramount Symmetry

Release Date: 12th November, 2021

Maysa Rodrigues: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars and Programming.
Igor Tavares: Rhythm/Lead Guitars and Programming.
Music by Maysa Rodrigues & Igor Tavares.

Lyrics by Maysa Rodrigues.

Recorded and Produced by Igor Tavares.
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Filipe Stress (Atom Music Lair)
Cover Artwork: Marcos Miller.
Special Guests:

Rafael Agostino: Piano & Synths.
Lucas Costa: Bass solo on the track ‘Paramount Symmetry’.
Iordanis Sidiropoulos: All instruments and music on the track ‘Nostos’.