Visions Of Obsenity by Ground of Ruin (Death Metal, 2006)



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1. Ever Decreasing Circles
2. Bastard Icon
3. Nerve Damage Affliction
4. Visions Of Obsenity
5. Thy Land Byzantium
6. Architects Of Our Own Demise

Recorded June 2006 at Fatdog Studios, Ireland.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Brian “Borris” O’Shea.

Derek Gibson – Bass
Fran Moran – Drums
Rob Chanders – Guitars
Dom Brennan – Guitars
Dave Hynes – Vocals

James Farrell – Logo
James Hendy – Artwork

Editor Notes:

Thanks a million to Dave Hynes and the rest of the band for allowing this release to be uploaded to the Irish Metal Archive.