What Will Be by Elevation Falls (Rock, 2018)


01. Vultures
02. Zombie
03. Dream Of Me
04. Stand Down
05. Never Be Me
06. Cheating Woman
07. Armies Rising
08. Souls Burning
09. Burn
10. Take Me Back
11. What Will Be 

Release Date:  April 2018    
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All Songs Composed by: Elevation Falls & Belinda Rogers 
Published by: Biggywiggy International Ltd 
Produced by: Alwyn Walker, Belinda Rogers & Elevation Falls 
Recorded and Mixed by: Alwyn Walker, Westland Studios, Dublin 2017-2018 Mastered by: Jacob Hansen
Original Artwork (front ) taken from painting by: Fergal O’Connor

Hazel Jade Rogers:** Lead & Backing Vocalist, Piano, Organ, Acoustic Guitar
Christopher Richard Young(Chrispy): Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gabriel Grecco: Bass, Backing Vocals
Darragh Shields: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals  

*Guest Performers:
Korey Thomas: Drummer (All Tracks)
Conor McGouran: Lead Guitar Solo (Stand Down)
David Greene: Harmonica (Souls Burning)
Ronan Dooney: Trumpets (Never Be Me)
Kenneth Rice: Strings (Dream Of Me, Burn, What Will Be)
Belinda Rogers: Backing Vocals
Alwyn Walker: Backing Vocals