Year One by Drainland (Hardcore, 2008)

1. Alien I-IV     
2. Slug Impersonator     
3. Jesus Scares The Shit Out Of Me
4. The Burning Time     
5. Dead Hand Of The Future     
6. Brian Conniffe Vs Drainland


A discography of Drainland from 2006-2007 up until their vocalist Liadain left.
Tape release limited to 50 copies.
Also released as a UK tour CD in December 2007, without the final remix track.

Vocals – Liadain O’Driscoll
Bass – Cory Mifsud
Drums – Colin Mifsud
Guitar – Aonghus McEvoy
Guitar – Jamie Grimes

Mixed By – James Eager
Recorded By – Eoin Whitfield (tracks: 1 to 3), Mick (tracks: 4 to 5)
Remix by – Brian Conniffe (track: 6)

The track ‘Slug Impersonator’ was originally a track by an earlier band called ALREADY DEAD and was featured on their unreleased 3-track Demo 2003 and also on their 5-track S/T Demo tape from 2004.