The Silence of Content​ by Cursed With A Vision (Black Metal, 2000)



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01. The Silence Of Content
02. Just Defiance (feat. Ailish)
03. The Menstruation Of Angels
04. A Caress Before Bedtime
05. Sirena
06. Alter Ego
07. Ballad For A Lonely Stalker
08. Poison For The Heart
09. Crescendo
10. From Flames To Snow
11. Dreality
12. Bullet With My Name
13. The Feasting Of Flies
14. Dahmed

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Drums/Guitars/Bass/Orchestration/Keys/Vocals – Kerry Whitehouse


This is never really meant to be heard by anyone but holds the most special place in my heart… it was my first foray into recording. Denis Greer built me a PC. The lads bought me a guitar for my 21st. Brian Walshe gave me a pedal. Ferdia gave me the recording software free from the back of a packet of Nesquik.
I was at the time a drummer for D-TUNED and EVOLUTION-X so i was mad to see how easy or hard it was to record on own after watching my closest friend, Ferdia start recording a year or so previously.
Singing low, late at night into a pencil microphone. Every song was completed each night i recorded as u can tell from awful production and sound. But i was hooked from here. 🙂