Maledictus Consitor Oculus Instrumentali​ by Cursed With A Vision (Black Metal, 2006)

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1. Maria Assumpta Burning
2. Grutz Strut
3. Monzelli Vs Preacher
4. Evolution-X
5. Feline Fury and the Copious Crumbs
6. Dreaming of Sanibat
7. Entropy
8. House on the Hill (feat Ferdia O’Sullivan)
9. The Shiney Chronicles

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Drums/Guitars/Bass/Orchestration/Keys/Vocals – Kerry Whitehouse


A Collection of Instrumental Tracks dedicated to the People and Places That i Love.
Without These People i would never have played music,without these bands i would never of been creative,

Denis Greer-Sanibat-(Built my first Music PC and someone for whom i would lay down my life for)
Ferdia O Sullivan-Driven Assault/Clamp/D-Tuned/Daddy Elephant/Caesura-(Taught Me Everything. A true master at everything he touches ( “Thats What She Said” )
Sarah O Loughlin-Daddy Elephant/Entropy-(played in my first band all those years ago and we still are friends-an awesome person)
Gearoid Brohan-Entropy/Evolution X/Chaos Engine/Razorhail-(Busted my Balls)
Felim Downey-Scumtruck/Satanica/Widowmaker/Bitter Harvest-(My first best friend and my first music teacher)
Trevor Hansbury-Enter Valhalla and about a billion more.-( the greatest musician i grew up with.During the open mic nights was always encouraging and never looked down on anyone)
Brian Walshe-DJ Squalsh-(Gave me my first pedal to record)
Joanne Finn-(A legend/a friend and great manager)
Ronan+Clare Burke-(Got me my first Metal Guitar)
Kevin ” Chong “Morrissey-(Gave me the idea to start recording)
Niamh O Meara Daly-(was her guitar i first used to record with-she also made me buy St Tropez)
Tony Milan-Dtuned/Caesura-(what can i say my good friend)
Eamon Joyce-Driven Assault-(A legend in his day.Great frontman but supports a shitty team)
Luke Fitzgerald-Driven Assault/Puppies On Prozak-(has awesome shirts)
Ennis Youth Centre-(Especially Margaret Slattery)-This woman should be held in the highest regard. I learned about life a lot thanks to her—And it sucked 🙂 )
Chris Hayes-Lawless Creed/Razorhail-( I love this guy.Wish we cud do more work)
Stephen “my Name is Stevo ” Clery-( the only friend i,ve written a Death metal song about-got to be great friends over all these years because he was the first and only person to buy our cd)