Tuatha Na Gael by Cruachan (Black Metal, 1995)



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1. I Am Tuan
2. The First Battle of Moytura
3. Maeves’ March
4. Fall of Gondolin
5. Cúchulainn
6. Taín Bó Cuailgne
7. To Invoke the Horned God
8. Brian Boru
9. To Moytura We Return

(**) Re-released in 2001 through Hammerheart Records along with the three tracks from their ‘Promo ’97’ demo as a bonus.
10. Return (**)
11. Erinsong(**)
12. Óró Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile(**)

Recorded from 8th – 12th, Feb. in the Dead of Night.

Mixed by Cruachan.
All music by Cruachan.
All trad. arrangements by Cruachan.
Lyrics by Keith O’Fathaigh except “Taín Bó Cuailgne”