Eye of Newt and Other Ingredients by Antihuman (Death Metal, 2015)



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01. Turbo Ether
02. Not the Sandworms
03. Galavaniz
04. An Improbable Possibility of Impeccable Pain
05. Black Cracker
06. Less is More Tom
07. It Tastes of Rotting Teeth
08. Yakuncza
09. Wank Soap
10. And the Kitchen Sink

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A collection of songs written and recorded between 2009 and 2014, remastered and gathered for posterity. Some of these were previously available on our other recordings, and as singles on Bandcamp over the last five years. Most of them are previously unreleased.

Astfgyl – Machines, Noise, Vocals, Samples
John – Guitars, Bass, Keys

Guest vocals on “Less is More Tom” by Tom O’Carroll.
Originally Featured on “Songs for Shitting” (2010).
Help on “An Improbable Possibility of Impeccable Pain” from Philly.