RATS BLOOD : New 7″ Coming Out Soon on Distro-Y Records… Posted: 14/06/2017 by John O'Brien


News just in from Alex Fitzgerald over at Distro-Y Records…
RATS BLOOD have emerged to offer up some more ugly mutant punk. The new 7″ titled ‘UGLY’, which is out later this Summer and will contain 6 tracks of DBX punk from one of Ireland’s finest punk outfits. The first track has been unleashed and is titled ‘Meatheads’…

RATS BLOOD Scandi influenced hardcore raw aggressive hardcore that will leave blisters on your ear drums and with pummeling drums to boot your cauliflower ears. You and your ugly ears will be ready to join the Punks Is Mutants crew shouting the anthems of the dark social realities.

Artwork and surprises to come from Two Headed Dog Art(PUTREFACTION, RATS BLOOD, Dowth) Recorded at The Hive by James Eager of Bacchus and Mastered by Enormous Door. “UGLY” will come out on Distro-Y Records, Donnez-Moi Du Feu, Imminent Destruction Records and Phobia Records.