Metal Vs. Mainstream…. again!!! Posted: 01/09/2014 by John O'Brien

Primordial_AlanThere was bit of a feature on the local Irish Metal Scene in The Journal over the weekend.

I wish I could say it’s about Irish Metal as a whole, but it’s not! It’s just another diatribe on why PRIMORDIAL aren’t a household name in Ireland. And why Metal in Ireland isn’t given the attention it receives in other countries….

It’s time to change the record and move on. Mainstream music media is essentially driven by the music industry, both of which want to make money. Ireland is too small for them to make enough off of Heavy Metal and local Metal bands, so their focus is on what they know they can exploit and market the easiest.

Does it really matter where a bands fan base is located any more? As long as there IS a fan base! And let’s face it… Most bands here in Ireland, whether Metal or not would kill to have such a loyal fan base that PRIMORDIAL has.

Our scene is brimming with tonnes of quality bands that are plowing their own furrows regardless of mainstream media and acceptance. That’s why it’s called the Underground.
Of course there’s a fair amount of shite, too. But like any scene, you have to take the good with the bad… and it’s all relative at the end of the day.

The World is a much smaller place thanks to the internet and it’s a global market for all bands, whether signed to a big label or releasing independently. And any bands willing to put in the work are selling their wares all over the World.

Support your local scene… As much as you can!
That’s all you can do and that’s as much as anyone has the right to ask of you.