Interview : Mark John Payne [ForChristSake] Posted: 17/07/2014 by John O'Brien

forchristsake_bandBelfast’s Extreme Christian Metal outfit FORCHRISTSAKE have recently released their “Apocalyptic Visions Of Devine Terror” album. It’s the bands debut full-length release and is out now on through Roxx Productions.

Irish Metal Archive’s Trevor McCormack had a chat with the bands bassist Mark John Payne on his ‘Cranium Titanium’ Metal Radio Show on Monday (14-07-2014) and quizzed him about the album, their stance as a Northern Ireland based Extreme Christian Metal band and future plans…

‘Cranium Titanium’ Interview with Mark J. Payne [FORCHRISTSAKE] – 14 July 2014 by Irish Metal Archive on Mixcloud