FRUSTRATION: Farewell gig announced for 7th November… Posted: 29/10/2015 by John O'Brien


Dublin Harcore Metallers FRUSTRATION are bringing the bands run to an end with a farewell show in Fibber Magees, Dublin on Saturday the 7th November 2015.

Check out the band statement below as well as a rundown of the bands coming out to give them a deserving send-off!

Frustration_live“We’ve played hardcore music in this band for 7 years and it’s finally time to call it a day. Come celebrate with us on Saturday November 7th in Fibber Magees in Dublin.

Being in this band has been a life changing experience for me and as sad as I am to see it go, I am so happy with all the memories that I have shared with these guys. These are the things that I will look back on when I am old and laugh at all the shit we did, the weird places we played, crazy situations we found ourselves in and the friendships we formed with each other.”

Joining FRUSTRATION on the night will be…

Hardcore Punk straight out of Germany on Farewell Records.
“Great band with a great attitude.”

“We shared members, we shared vans, we shared pints. Sometimes the ‘ethics’ of hardcore can defy genre and Red Enemy are a perfect example of that. Not only did they help Frustration in any way they could, but they were Frustration on so many occasions and on so many tours. Plus they are one of the best live metal bands in the world.”

“One of the best hardcore bands going at the moment.
Serious energy onstage mixed with some absolute riffs.
Live by the Buck, Die by the Buck.”

“Hard hitting groovy hardcore from the Netherlands & great people to boot.”

“Members of Stronghold feat Dexter. Fast and fun hardcore punk.
Bringing it back to basics in the best way possible.”

Event Page ;

*Also a chance of a special guest or 5 showing up on the night.
*All profits on the night will be donated to charity.

8 Euro in & Doors will be early at 6.45PM with the first band on at 7PM.