FOLLOWING THE SIGNS: New Video & “Far From Over” EP Details… Posted: 25/09/2019 by John O'Brien

Cork based hardcore metal act FOLLOWING THE SIGNS have announced that their debut “Far From Over” EP will be officially released on the 18th October 2019 via Too Loud Records/Wormholedeath.

“Far From Over” is the follow up to their 2017 self-titled demo. From the beginning it’s highly noticeable how the bands style and sound have grown in a short time with songs like ‘The Dead Don’t Lie’, ‘Reflections’ and ‘Withdrawn’ being great examples of the new influences of writing and includes a new found aggression and rhythm to the band…

“Everything seemed to just click the more we went through these songs and I think each of us had our own problems and issues over the course of time in life or other aspects and we pushed through the boundaries of whatever emotion we were feeling. Whether it’s anger, being lost in your self, it really formed the foundations. And by the time we were done we had something immensely suited to what we wanted to do.
The new EP is the perfect combination of brutality and groove, with heavy riffs and obscure lyrics!!” – Dan Hayes



4.The Dead Don’t Lie
5.Devil in disguise
6.Say goodbye

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga
at Titans Lab Studios in Ferrara, Italy.

Following The Signs – Say Goodbye (Official Lyric Video)

lyric video by Absynthemoon

‘Say Goodbye’ is the first single from the new “Far From Over” EP. The song projects the emotion of how coping through rough patches of life. You find yourself questioning all the moves you’ve made or people that may have steered you wrong. All based from the lyrics it shows a darker perspective of what someone’s mind can think and how these emotions can switch up and make you a different person and how you learn to let go.

Following The Signs

FOLLOWING THE SIGNS has been together since Summer 2017 and was founded by front man Dan Hayes. They released their first self-titled “FOLLOWING THE SIGNS” EP in in 2017 which consisted of four tracks with heavy distorted guitars and heavy drum beats with a raw voice the band quickly. This grabbed the attention of the local metal scene and was quick to get the name around  being featured on Irish Metal Archive, Burning Metal Ireland, Cranium Titanium Metal Radio Show and Alt Night Radio, with their single ‘To Light A Fire’ and also getting a slot on the URBAN ASSAULT FEST.

The band currently consists of Danny Hayes (vocals), Rory Taylor (Bass), Noel Crowley (guitar), Dave Moynihan (Guitar) and Jack McCarthy (drums) and hopes to strive with their high ambitions and heavy music. The band wishes only to grow as time goes on and they don’t show any signs of stopping… FOLLOWING THE SIGNS believe they can amount to great things.