Do you know: Bisect Posted: 15/06/2019 by Philip Morrissey

For those of you who know, Saturday marks the debut of Metal United Worldwide in Cork. For anyone unaware, this is an event which takes place around the globe on the very same day. Gigs are being hosted in various countries including Australia, Thailand, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Poland, Albania, Mexico, China, Germany and many more.

The Irish of this event is due to take place in Cyprus Avenue on Saturday 15th from 1.PM on-wards. It is scheduled to be a huge show with many different bands performing at it. Some may be familiar to you. Some may not. Here is an introduction to the many bands due to lineup.

And what could be more appropriate for a festival like this, than the inclusion of a band like Bisect. They are a band based in Cork, featuring musicians from Italy, Poland and Ireland. The embodiment of nationalities coming together under a common cause. Plus, their mantra of fighting oppression, critiquing multinational greed and standing against racism is one we can all get behind. All members had been associated bands around Cork prior to their getting together. But the association with Bisect goes back further than that. “Bisect reformed from the ashes of a Polish band with the same name that were major in the post-Berlin wall heavy/crust/d-beat scene in Poland in the early 90’s. Fabrizio (guitar) then met Grzegorz (original bass player) in Cork 20 years later and they decided to resume the project.” Christophe Erpelding, formally of Revolution of a Sun, was initially a member but he has then replaced by Phil Langero.

The name is aligned with the daily struggles we all face. “I suppose the name ‘Bisect’ refers to the dichotomies in life and inner contradictions of capitalist society that tear apart our bodies, minds and psyche: life/death, wealth/exploitation, state/no agenda, etc.”

When you have so many different members from different backgrounds, it could be understandable to have multiple influences. “Since the band reformed, all musicians brought in their own influences, ranging from The Exploited, DRI, Brutal Truth, Sepultura, Putrefaction, Revolution of a Son and many more.”

Their favoourite live memories emphasise the mantra of acts coming together, no matter what. “So far, the coolest gigs we have played have been the GGI fest and Siege of Limerick. Punks, metal, heads, happiness and brutality at the same time…what could possibly go wrong, ha?!”

No matter how long bands have been together, or associated with the scene, they always have heroes. “Personally, if Bisect could be the support act of either Venomous Concept or Brutal Truth, I’d wet my pants….”

With a sound that encompass hardcore, crust and grind, it was interesting to note what they thought on the current state of affairs in Ireland. And possibly what is holding them back. “We believe there’s an incredible hardcore/grind scene in Ireland. So many talented bands looking for their own sound and style. What’s holding back the movement is lack of venues to gather, especially with the younger generation that are exposed too much to commercial shit on a daily basis.”

This point is further built upon regarding their opinion on Metal United. “Events like Metal United are important for this very reason. In particular, to show how the heavy scene brotherhood/sisterhood is alive and kicking!”

They clearly are excited to play here and meet up with many bands. “Really looking forward to see again ZhOra and Reprisal. They have kick-ass tracks but looking forward to meet again all the other bands we have played with before.”

And to end with good news away from the stage. Last years, ‘Time the Bastards Fell’, was an utterly vicious piece of work that ranked highly on many top list of the year. They are getting busy again with another propaganda. “We’re starting to work on new tracks for our 3rd album. Still very early stages but they already are sounding very juicy. Faithful to Bisect’s line of “Less melody, more Hate!”

Bisect will be the penultimate band on before the last break. Be ready.