CRUACHAN : ‘Blood For The Blood God’… new music video! Posted: 04/02/2015 by John O'Brien

Legendary Pagan/Folk Metal band CRUACHAN have just released their first official music video for the title track to the band latest album, “Blood For The Blood God”, out now on Trollzorn Records.

“Blood for the Blood God” is the brand new video from Cruachan, taken from our new album of the same name. The video was shot in Dubiln, Ireland by Angel Croiter (Puka productions). The video features George Bracebridge as the main Shaman, George is a professional actor currently appearing in various Irish TV productions including TV3’s new crime drama “Red Rock”. Also featured is Rachel Lally as the Chieftans wife, Rachel is a professional actor and model from the Assets modelling agency in Ireland, she also presents “County Matters” for Irish TV on Sky 191.

The narrative shows the grim and selfless task taken by the Chieftan of a Gaelic village to sacrifice his own first born child to the Blood God known as Crom Cruach. By appeasing the God in this way he hopes to restore glory and fortune to his clan. His wife must accompany him on this journey and partake in the ritual of sacrifice despite the obvious pain it is causing both of them.

Dave Rudden – Chieftan
Rachel Lally – Chieftans Wife
George Bracebridge – Main Shaman
Tadhg Kelleher – Shaman
Jason Faulkner – Shaman
Caoimhe Farrell – Baby

Filmed and Produced by Púka Productions:

Blood for the Blood God was recorded at Trackmix Studios Ireland:…

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