XIII Doors Hard Rock / Co. Clare

XIII DOORS emerged from the vision of singer and multi-instrumentalist DJ O’Sullivan. Hailing from the West of Ireland, DJ was raised in Shannon, Co. Clare, surrounded by a musical family. Over the course of his career, DJ’s musical endeavours have spanned various bands and theatrical productions, affording him the privilege of touring across Europe, the UK, and the Middle East. His dedication to his craft has garnered recognition, earning him an endorsement with Rotosound Strings.

With an unyielding passion for music, DJ conceived XIII DOORS with a purpose: to ignite inspiration in others, and encourage them to pursue their dreams. The musical essence of XIII DOORS draws from a diverse spectrum of influences, melding the sounds of Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Alice in Chains, Daughtry, and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few. This fusion of hard rock and heavy metal is further enriched by DJ’s affinity for traditional music, notably (but not limited to) Irish, Arabic, and Hindustani traditions.

At the forefront of this outfit stands DJ himself, on both guitar and vocals. By his side, Ed Hannigan adds his creative prowess. Ed is a London native who embarked on his musical journey as an audio engineer at the esteemed Red Bus Studios in London’s West End. Ed’s production and mixing skills breathe life into XIII DOORS’ studio recordings, capturing the essence of their sound. Elevating the rhythm section, Pat “Pablo” Byrne takes command of the bass guitar, bringing a wealth of experience garnered through years of navigating the music industry. He is currently endorsed by Warwick Basses and Ampeg Amplification. Completing the ensemble is Spanish drummer Alex Sanchez de Orduna, infusing the band’s rhythm with his hard-hitting, theatrical playing style. His unique musical background adds an international flair to XIII DOORS’ collective sound.

The bands debut single “Lead The Way”  is just the opening stanza of XIII DOORS’ narrative. The song serves as a prologue to the band’s overarching mission: to encourage individuals across the globe to pursue lives of purpose and happiness. Their upcoming debut album, anticipated to arrive in March 2024, promises to be an anthology of their distinctive sound, illuminating the journey they’re set to embark upon. Stay tuned, for XIII DOORS is on the precipice of delivering a sonic experience that is not only evocative but transformative. The story has just begun, and XIII DOORS are ready to etch their chapter into the annals of music history.




Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • DJ O'Sullivan - Vocals / Guitars
  • Ed Hannigan - Guitars / B.Vocals
  • Pat Byrne - Bass / B.Vocals
  • Alex Sanchez de Orduna - Drums