Wolf Regime Heavy Metal / Co. Dublin

Classic Rock / Blues Rock will always have appeal. It’s just one of those music styles that will never die. And rightly so! WOLF REGIME aren’t out to re-write the musical history books, but they certainly want to leave their own stamp on it. For a debut release the tracks on their ‘Breakout’ single are solid and confidently played. They’ve got some good ideas going for them but a little bit more creativity wouldn’t go astray. Their live shows are getting very good reviews, which is where it really counts for bands like this. Their next release should tell a lot about them and where they’re headed musically. Definitely a band worth watching out for.

Taken from WOLF REGIME facebook…
“WOLF REGIME was formed in January 2012 by Bass player/Vocalist Keith Anderson (DECADENCE, THE AUSTRALIAN BLACK SABBATH, SHOCKTOPUS) and guitarist Conor McEvoy, WOLF REGIME enlisted the exceptional talent of lead guitarist Sean ‘Mean’ Moroney and soon after, the power of drummer Luca Filippini.
Incorporating their mutual influences of Metal, Classic Rock, Thrash & good ole Rock’n’Roll to produce a fresh and varied sound not limited to the barriers of any one genre and open to all, giving Wolf Regime the freedom to explore any and all avenues of Rock!!
Having released their debut single ‘Breakout’, The Regime are gigging tirelessly throughout Ireland. Catch them now!!

High energy, pounding bass, thundering drums, rifftastic twin lead Rock’n’Roll!!!”




Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Keith Anderson - Bass/L.Vocals
  • Conor McEvoy - Guitar/Vocals
  • Sean Moroney - Guitar/Vocals
  • Luca Filippini - Percussion/Vocals