Whiskey Dancer Hard Rock / Co. Galway

Official Biography…

WHISKEY DANCER are Ireland’s answer to revive the ROCK Industry that dominated in the 80’s. As a result, WHISKEY DANCER are a hard hitting “Don’t Know When To Stop” Rock Band. Shaun, Paddy Bear, Vivian, and Jimmy had dedicated their career to entertaining Motorcycle Enthusiasts over the years. This dedication with their mix of jaw-dropping volume and mix of classic rock, blues and metal cover songs filled venues across the Island of Ireland. They always delivered and entertained throughout the years. Giving back in 2020 is now about getting new aggressive and loud music out there and celebrate a career of music by producing their own. To again inspire a nation and bring their existing following along for the ride would be their honour. Just like their home base, the West of Ireland is Wild and fierce, and this band expresses the same emotions on stage.


Galway, Roscommon


Hard Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Shaun Kearney - Vocals / Bass
  • Paddy 'Bear' Costello - L.Guitarist / B.Vocals
  • Vivian Prendergast - L.Guitarist / B.Vocals
  • Jimmy Nestor - Drums