Three Ring Psychosis Crust / Co. Dublin

Info taken from the page for 3 RING PSYCHOSIS

Glenageary/Dun Laoghaire Punk trio who gigged a bit and released at least one self-released cassette. They also appear on the ‘Out Of The Trees’ international punk compilation released by Dermot Mullen, brother of Michael.

They later became (or overlapped with, or are related too…) KILLERCRUST, then two members formed TENSION who released two albums.

Michael was also in MOUTPIECE later on.

David Lacey has played in a lot of bands over the years and is currently half of LEGION OF TWO with Alan O’Boyle. Lacey and O’Boyle also play as DECAL who were a trio until Dennis McNulty left. Lacey and McNulty also organise(d) and particpate(d) in the annual Improvised & Experimental Music Festival in Dublin.





Crust, Hardcore, Punk

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Michael Mullen - Vocals / Bass
  • Ross Neville - Guitar / Piano / B.Vocals
  • David Lacey - Drums / B.Vocals