Taibhse Thrash Metal / Co. Dublin

Dublin based Thrash band TAIBHSE take their name from the Irish word for ‘Ghost’ or ‘Apparition’. They feature members from other bands such as CELTACHOR, THROWN NEEDLES and HOLLOW POINT.

The band are definitely off to a great start, as their 3-Track demo was recorded by Mick Richards at TRACKMIX STUDIOS in Blanchardstown, Dublin, who has also produced/recorded for bands such as CRUACHAN, GUTTRENCH, TWO TALES OF WOE, VILE REGRESSION, VALEDICTION and the mighty GRAVEYARD DIRT, plus many more quality Irish bands.

They’re not trying to re-write the book of thrash metal with these tracks but they certainly now how to write a good thrash song, although with a punk feel to them. All parties involved make their mark on the tracks. Guitars are played well with plenty fast riffing and a spattering of basic solos. Bass is solid and confidently played, as are the drums. With both throwing their own into the mix all the while keeping a good rhythm throughout the near ten minutes of music. The vocals aren’t of your typical thrash style and have been hit with a fair bit of criticism. To these ears they have a definite ‘punk’ edge to them but could use bit more emphasis to really make them stand out.

Anais also shows off her non-musical artistic attributes on the demos cover art which follows the ‘Taibhse’ theme with a rather excellent ink drawing of ‘An Bean-Sidhe’, the classic Irish ‘Ghost/Apparition’ herself.

More line-up changes have seen the band take on a second guitarist as well as a new drummer.




Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Ian Kinsella - Vocals
  • Jamie Moloney - Guitars
  • Robert MacDomhnai - Bass
  • Cillian O'Rourke - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Anais Chareyre - Drums
  • David Harford - Guitars
  • Darrel Tanfin - Guitars