September Cross Hardcore / Co. Antrim

SEPTEMBER CROSS were originally formed in Belfast in 2009 by Ricki, Ronan and Nick when they left Belfast band BLACKGUARD SMILE. They draw most of their influences from mainstream metal and rock, particularly from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Despite current trends towards the more brutal and heavier shades of metal, SEPTEMBER CROSS make no apologies for sticking to their roots.

In 2010 the band underwent some line-up changes and in early 2011 they released their debut 3-track ‘Blackened Skies EP’. The EP is dripping with classic rock/metal influences. Opening track ‘Closer To The Edge’ has a definite IRON MAIDEN influence to the twin guitars, as do all the solos used throughout the EP. The vocals are pretty good, although a little safe on this track. But there is a courser, more gruff approach used on the other two tracks ‘Regret’ and ‘Blackened Skies’, which suits the music much better.

Feedback for the EP has been very positive with tracks popping up in playlists of several international metal radio stations and promotional material for the EP has appeared in Terrorizer Magazine’s ‘Secret History of Thrash!’ They have released the EP for free download through their various Band Sites. Check it out on the player below!




Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Ricki Hewitt - Vocals /Lead Guitar
  • Alex Mihail - Lead Guitar
  • Nick Jago - Bass B.Vocals
  • Reggie Boyce - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Ronan Killough - Drums
  • Dean Valentine - Drums
  • David Balfour - Drums
  • Dave Shields - L.Guitar