Rouen Hardcore / Co. Dublin

Based in Dublin, ROUEN are a five piece band who utilise the best elements of Metalcore, Hardcore and Punk to create a sound that includes heavy riffing, hardcore vocal delivery and bouncing grooves. Like other bands in this vein who have recently emerged (WORN OUT for example…), ROUEN kept their heads down and focused on the music before making their presence and intentions known to the public.

In early January 2018 they announced themselves and the following week officially released their debut single ‘Breed’. A polished and well recorded first effort that perfectly reveals where ROUEN are coming from, and indeed aspire to be. A solid infusion of hardcore and metalcore. Time will tell what else the band will have in store.




Hardcore, Metalcore

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Andy Fitzpatrick - Vocals
  • Dan Cohen - Guitars
  • DJ Campbell - Guitars
  • Alex Sherry - Bass
  • Morgan Beausang - Drums