Refraction Instrumental / Co. Dublin

Editor Notes:

They originally started off under the name ILLUMINATUS with a vocalist who was eventually kicked out of the band. Then John Kelly left for a period and when he returned they decided to drop nearly all of the 7/8 tracks they had at that stage and start again from scratch. A 3-track demo was self recorded back in 2008. It didn’t end up to the bands satisfaction so it was never properly released although a couple of the tracks did end up online as a sample of what they were working on. The tracks from this demo ended up as ‘Light Fades’, ‘Until We Reach’ and ‘Diaspora’ from their debut S/T album which was released in January 2011.

2013 saw the band follow up with their second album ‘Helixian’.

Both albums are available to buy from the bands BIGCARTEL and have also been made available as a free downloads from their BANDCAMP page.

Formed in Dublin in 2007, REFRACTION have sought to create an honest and original body of music without compromise.  –  “Maximising minimalism whilst minimising maximism…”






Instrumental, Post Rock/Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Colm O'Gorman - Guitar
  • John Kelly - Guitar
  • Karl Leavey - Bass

Members (Former)

  • Shane Reilly - Drums