R.P.C Punk / Co. Cork

RPC are a band that utilises various genres and are known for their high energry shows, combining hardcore punk, crossover thrash, and skate punk, creating fast paced, heavy, and intricate music. The group consists of bassist Ciara Maria Hayes, guitarist/vocalist Jim Spillane, drummer Uwe Szabin Balogh, and guitarist Emmet Hickey.

Formed during the Pandemic the band burst onto the Irish music scene in February 2022 and have covered all corners of Ireland making notable appearances at the Siege of Limerick, Relapse Punk Festival the 16th GGI festival, Dublin, Galway and everywhere in between.

The bands first EP “Chop, Drop & Roll.” was released into the world June 30th and was marked by an inclusion on




Punk, Thrash Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Jim Spillane - Guitar / Vocals
  • Emmet Hickey - Guitar
  • Ciara Maria Hayes - Bass
  • Uwe Szabin Balogh - Drums

Members (Former)

  • Shannon Bowman - Guitar
  • Jack Dillon - ???