Maggy Simpson Hard Rock / Co. Wicklow

Maggy Simpson is the brainchild of Bat Kinane (CURSED EARTH) and Shane Counter. Having known each other for over 10 years, and sharing a passion for high quality original Rock music, ‘Lab Rat and Lobster’ is the first major work the pair will release. They have collaborated in the past when Shane wrote some music for Bat’s first solo album, ‘A Lifetime to Kill’, and they put together a library of production pieces in 2009, as ‘The Random Event Factory’. However, this is the first time they have been able to commit to something truly substantial over an extended period.

The core aim of the band is to blend the far-reaching talents of its members by delivering well-produced Hard Rock albums that are stylistically diverse but with the emphasis on excellent song writing.




Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Rock



Members (Current)

  • Bat Kinane - Vocals / Guitars / Bass
  • Shane Counter - Guitars / Bass
  • Davy Ryan - Drums