InHalations Alternative / Co. Tipperary

I’ve got to admit. I don’t get the Post Rock tag this lot have given themselves. I here more of a Stoner Rock vibe to some it. And even ROLLINS BAND to parts. The EP is pretty hastily lashed together. Nothing outstanding but they should maybe have given themselves a bit more time to work on the songs before even considering recording them.

From INHALATIONS facebook…

“INHALATIONS were formed in September 2010, when Four musicians came together all with the same intention to work towards creating an original sound. Working off ideas from different styles of music, the Group progressed in writing their material through rigorous jamming sessions and focusing on live performance. Their ‘Debut EP’ is up for streaming free download.”




Alternative, Grunge, Heavy Rock, Rock

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Colla McMahon - Bass
  • Fin Ryan - Guitar
  • Sean McKennedy - Vocals/Guitar
  • Oran Chadwick - Drums