Estrange Death Metal / Co. Limerick

I got sent this one from Austin Buckley when he passed on some info on his current project CRYPTUS.

Austin, Declan and Mark had previously served time in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Limerick band RETRIBUTION. This line-up was rounded out by Shane O’Shea on guitars and Niall Malone on bass. After RETRIBUTION split, Austin, Declan and Mark formed ESTRANGE around 1995 with Mark’s twin brother, Jason foining on guitars also. They played a few local gigs and recorded a few demo tracks which are available to stream and download below.

Austin later lost part of one of his fingers and dropped out of playing music for a number of years, only to return with CRYPTUS. Jason O’Doherty went on to set up his own recording studio in Limerick called Radar Recording, where he jams with a few bands and his own projects. Mark went on to play with MORTAL AFFLICTION and then reunited with Declan to form THE SWARM who eventually evolved into the current “THE SWARM / VICTIM-X” hybrid Death Metal beast that goes by the name ZEALOT CULT. More to come on all of those bands in due course.




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • Mark O'Doherty - Guitars
  • Jason O'Doherty - Guitars
  • Declan Malone - Drums
  • Austin Buckley - Vocals/Bass