Enshroud Groove Metal / Co. Antrim

Editor Notes:

Death/Groove Metal band out of Northern Ireland.
Released a number of singles on YouTube ahead of their “Walking In The Shadows” EP.
Members are remaining anonymous and keeping ENSHROUD as a studio project initially.

Biography submitted by the band…

The band first started jamming together early in 2018. A group of friends who all had a love of metal but to that point they had only ever played music individually. The decision to get together and see what would happen if they played and wrote together was then agreed upon, with a focused objective… to write and compile enough material for an EP. ENSHROUD is comprised of like minded musicians trying to create music that speaks firstly to them and then in turn hopefully others too. The main focus for them at this point in time is getting the debut EP completed and released during. Anonymity is at the forefront of the bands ethos as they try to push their own boundaries musically without a public reveal. As the band is faceless, that leaves the music to stand front and centre, the band are “Walking In The Shadows”.

December 2021 saw the band release their debut full length album, “Darkness Grips Us All”.




Groove Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • ??? - Vocals / R.Guitars
  • ??? - L.Guitars
  • ??? - Bass
  • ??? - Drums