Cryptus Death Metal / Co. Limerick

“Few guitars, few machines and a burning
need to roar my fuckin’ head off,..”
–  Austin Buckley

CRYPTUS is a one man crusade through brutality helmed by Austin Buckley who had served time in previous Limerick based bands such as RETRIBUTION in the late 80’s to early 90’s and ESTRANGE in the mid-to-late 90’s. Mainly as a vocalist and bass player. In 1999 his gigging days came to an end when his twin kids were born (which I can totally relate to, twins are bloody hard work) and he also lost half the forefinger on his right hand which put paid to his ability to play strings. He didn’t play at all for about the next four years or so. Then around the mid 00’s he figured out home recording and the benifits of the internet and so began CRYPTUS. The original idea was to put his own vocals onto something new that he could then use to find another band to sing for. As it stands CRYPTUS has come to stand on it’s own merits and has remained a one-man effort to date, but the possibility of full gigging line-up has never been ruled out. Shane O’Shea from his old band RETRIBUTION contributed some lead guitar parts to the tracks ‘Our Fathers Ground’ and ‘Enslaved’.

Both CRYPTUS demos are available for completely free download form the various band websites listed above and below. Or if you want a physical CD copy just email Austin and he’ll lash one out to you, also completely free.     “Daycent! Or what!”




Death Metal



Members (Current)

  • Austin Buckley - All Instruments

Members (Former)

  • Shane O'Shea - Lead Guitar [Session]