Broken Remnants Alt-Metal / Co. Cork

BROKEN REMNANTS are a Grunge/Metal band from Cork, Ireland which formed in summer 2011.

David Christy Jones and Nick Abat met and started jamming in late 2008. They split up their previous band, BORN FOR DROWNING and went their separate ways. Cian Clesham and Nick started jamming in around 2010 trying to get a band together going through many different names and members in the process, Nick then suggested asking Christy to join which he did, and Max Geffroy joined in 2011 to form BROKEN REMNANTS. Finbarr Durdeen joined to play bass in 2011, but later soon after. Naymatullah Morshed joined in early 2011 but also left again in late 2011. Then Danny Deloughry joined the band as bass guitarist in December 2011.

In November 2012 BROKEN REMNANTS completed their first demo “That’s Absurd”. After which Max Geffroy then left the band and was replaced by Liam O’Donovan. Geffroy eventually rejoined the band as vocalist and the band had been working away on their debut album “No Forgiveness”, but they officially called it a day in June 2015 before the album was ever finished. Some of the unfinished tracks have been posted online.

The music video for the track ‘Bliss’ can be seen here





Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • David Christy Jones - Drums
  • Max Geffroy - Vocals ['12-'15] / Guitar ['11-'12]
  • Liam O'Donovan - R.Guitar
  • Nicolas Abat - L.Guitar
  • Cian Clesham - Vocals

Members (Former)

  • Danny Deloughry - Bass
  • Naymatullah Morshed - Bass
  • Finbarr Durdeen - Bass
  • Cian Clesham - Vocals