Blood Soaked Death Metal / Co. Dublin

BLOOD SOAKED were a Death Metal band from Naas/Caragh in Co. Kildare. They formed sometime in 1993 whilst all members were still in secondary school. The band was mainly influenced by Carcass, Death and Cannibal Corpse, covering several different Carcass and Death tunes during their existence.

The band recorded one demo, ‘Vomitsome’, in 1995. Recorded in the newly opened Track Mix studios in Clonsilla with Mick Richards. The demo is pretty good considering they were a young band and it was their first recording. Well worth checking out if you like your early 90’s style death metal. Just well written, well thought out and well played death metal songs. They supported other notable Irish Metal acts as Abaddon Incarnate, Cruachan and Synapse. After a particulary rubbish gig in ‘Charlies Rock Bar, sometime late ’95 or even early ’96, with about 6 attendents the band split up.

After BLOOD SOAKED, most of the members moved on to other notible bands in the Irish Metal Scene. (Old Season, Sinister Demise, Morphosis, Pogrom, Waylander).




Death Metal

Year Formed




Members (Current)

  • James "Jazzer" Connolly - Drums
  • Alan Connolly - Guitar
  • David Monaghan - Guitar
  • Jason Carroll - Bass
  • Karl "Squelch" Walsh - Vocals