Abaddon Incarnate New Album and New Label Posted: 01/03/2014 by Jim Tobin

Abaddon Incarnate have announced the title of their forthcoming album as ‘Pessimist’. And have also signed a deal with Candlelight Records… (link to Press Release)

“We are pleased and excited to announce that we are signing to Candlelight Records for the release of our 5th album, “Pessimist”. We have been fans of the Candlelight roster for many years and we feel Candlelight’s extreme metal background, professional attitude and proximity to Ireland make them the best choice to release our latest album. We are looking forward to working with them!”

Note from Steve on new album…

Like the long slow birth of some aeonic creature, an artistic entity, some personality forming in the void, starting with us sharing riffs in the studio, putting down beats and vocals on them, writing lyrics and naming them, recording them, mastering them, getting the label behind them and now with the artist summoning up some dark filth to represent it all.

Each person adding a shade of darkness to each song and the album as a whole. What am I talking about? Well, last summer we recorded our new album in Dublin and it we gave it the name of “Pessimist”, written and recorded in a different way and in a somewhat new departure. For a start, the lyrics are a step away from what we’ve been predominantly dealing with in the past. This time were focusing on depression, alienation, dark thoughts, loneliness, shame and regret. Brought on, I guess from years of alcoholism and living in a very dark place, I get lots of inspiration for an unhealthy album of genuinely bad vibes. It’s going to be a stark brutally honest record.

In the past I’ve gotten most satisfaction from singing songs about my own soul and feelings, e.g. Temple of rancid filth, traumatic stress solution, carrion caresses, among others so I’ve wrote a whole album of lyrics of introspection and decided to psychologically beat the crap out of myself for this one. Why do I need to look in ancient old occult books for horror when all you have to do is take a long good hard look in the mirror?

Practically, we also decided to keep it as live and lo-fi as possible. Over the past few years I for one have gone back to listening to a lot of old shit eg, repulsion, siege, terrorizer and stuff like the grindcore peel sessions. (Carcass, Napalm and ENT) and also realizing I prefer most demos to big budget albums, this inspired us to record this in one or two takes and dropped the vocals in after also in one or two takes. The whole thing took about 3 days.

It’s been recorded at the Hive in Dublin, mastered by audio-siege in Oregon, and at the moment we’ve commissioned Manuel Tinnemans to create some dark artwork to suit the mood of the sick demented psychological breakdown of the pessimist.

Steve M / Abaddon Incarnate