ABADDON INCARNATE… Album Release Gig (12/7/14) Posted: 23/07/2014 by John O'Brien



I’ve never been so looking forward to a gig like I was for this one. And in my opinion it was well worth it!

Starting proceedings were IMA favourites… the awesome LEGION OF WOLVES. This band has a vast experience of playing the local Irish metal scene over the last two decades, with members having played in bands such as MORPHOSIS, THY SINISTER BLOOM, PRIMAL DAWN and even the headline act ABADDON INCARNATE. Despite their short set, sparse audience and the fact that they still don’t have a bassist, they played an absolutely killer set of Old School Death Metal akin to such Luminaries as BOLT THROWER and DEICIDE. An I’m really looking forward to seeing this band again in the future.

Second on the bill were the very impressive OKUS, whose stellar brand of Grind/Sludge/Doom/Crust simply rips your face off, yet leaves you wanting more. With a jam-packed crowd now in attendance they delivered a supremely fantastic set featuring tracks from their self-titled debut album. I can’t wait to catch them live again and get more familiar with them. In my opinion this band have a really promising future.

Main Support On the Night was the utterly viscous Anarcho/Hardcore Crust Punks DISGUISE. I’ll admit to not being too familiar with this band but I will definitely listen to them a lot more after watching this pulverising set. I can highly recommend anyone¬†and everyone with even the slightest interest in Hardcore/Punk/D-Beat/Crust to go and see this band live or to at least give them a listen online. (


And finally! Onto the Headlining act for the night and the finest purveyors of Death/Grind Supremacy in this humble Isle. The Mighty ABADDON INCARNATE. No words can adequately describe how much I love this band. As usual they treat the crowd to an awesome show despite the fact they were restricted to a relatively short set due to the venues time restrictions, they still blasted their way through some kick-ass tracks from their new album “Pessimist” including “Fear”, “Undead Outcasts” and “Funeral Hag” along with classic tracks “Burn With The Sun God” and “I Will Nail In”.

I’d like to finish by giving ‘Major Kudos’ to all the bands that played their socks off and to all that came to support the bands.


…by Adrian Williams